Why We Write

(for Liz Wilkins – Liz Loves Books) I don’t remember a time when – one way or the other – I wasn’t telling stories. Before I could read and write I would make up whole epic sagas for my toys to distract myself from the boredom of an enforced afternoon nap – it’s the only memory I have of being three years old but it’s a strong one. Once I […]

The story behind the story of The Gift Of Darkness

The Gift Of Darkness is my first novel; it’s a tale of murder, obsession, friendship and revenge.    It is unusual to remember exactly when and where you were when you had a specific idea because our mind is constantly churning out all sorts of considerations from the very important to the utterly useless.  And yet that evening when I first thought about The Gift Of Darkness I was far […]

The Story Behind The Story – Blood And Bone

BLOOD AND BONE is the third book in the Alice Madison series and one thing I knew for sure when I started writing it was that this was going to be a serial killer story – and then I proceeded to change the rules of the game, because that’s when the fun begins. The Madison series in set in Seattle, a city in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, and the main […]