A day with Clarice Starling (Hanging out with the F.B.I.)    26/8/2016 I was there when Mulder met Scully, and I was there when Special Agent in Charge Jack Crawford asked trainee Clarice Starling to talk to the ultimate thriller villain, Hannibal Lecter. I was there because I have been watching the F.B.I. portrayed in films since I could watch films – I even worked on one as an assistant editor: a studio picture about an F.B.I. agent who […]

Crime & Wilderness

Long before I wrote THE GIFT OF DARKNESS, the first in the Alice Madison series, I went dogsledding in Canada: I drove a team of six huskies as they pulled a sled through a snowy forest and across a frozen lake. I was cold, exhausted and hoarse from cheering on the dogs. It was one of the best days of my life. I also love snowshoeing – clomping about in […]

Top 10 odd and unexpected things I discovered doing research

– The walkalone cage is a kennel for humans. It’s in fact a 6ft x 8ft cage where prison inmates in solitary confinement can be in the open air and still be protected. It is a person-size kennel and it’s quite disturbing to see a prison yard full of caged human beings. The walkalone went straight into THE DARK (Book 2). – There is a large number of abandoned airbases […]

The day I met a homicide detective

I was sitting across the table from a homicide detective and she was watching me, taking the measure of me in a way that made me aware of every word I said and how I said it. The room was small – was it one of their standard interview rooms? I caught myself checking for a one-sided mirror but the walls were a uniform pale shade of oatmeal, more office […]

Walking with wolves You’re walking on a country path. It’s a sunny day; you’re at the edge of a reservoir and your dog – a black and white springer spaniel – it’s straining to get to the cool water. There are grassy hills all around you and no one else about except for a solitary fisherman a few yards away. The sky is blue and the mountains in the distance a dark […]