Riding shotgun with the Seattle Police Department

It was a grey, chilly March morning and I was sitting in the reception area of the downtown precinct of the Seattle Police Department, waiting to meet the officers I would join on the day shift. I was wondering how many silly and inappropriate things I would manage to say in the eight hour stint, and still I couldn’t have been more excited. I had just spent a couple of […]

What do I want from a villain?

As I write this post I’m working on the fourth book of the Alice Madison series and when the issue of a subject for this piece came up I had little doubt that I wanted to talk about villains. Why? Because, more than in any other genre, villains define the crime fiction novel and it is by what villains do that the other characters come alive. Where would Clarice be […]

Carrie at 40

Blood Sports & Other Hobbies I have a terrible confession to make, and I’d better come right out with it: I do not remember reading ‘Carrie’, I have absolutely no memory of the first time I read Stephen King’s words. But I do not remember a time when I didn’t know the book either.   It is as if I inhaled it or absorbed it somehow and there it was […]