July 2017

This will be a busy month with visits to ThrillerFest in New York ( 11 – 15 July) and to the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate (20 – 23 July) http://thrillerfest.com/ and http://bit.ly/29Ydl7Y

June 2017

Quercus publishes SWEET AFTER DEATH (Madison 4) on June 15. Look out for giveaways, competitions and a bright, spanking new newsletter!

May 2017

CrimeFest in Bristol (18 – 21 May) is always the highlight of my month, and this year I’m on two panels. Here’s the link to the programme, so much to see and do…http://www.crimefest.com/programme-cf/

April 2017

Absolutely thrilled that the Alice Madison novels have been optioned by Company Pictures who made Wolf Hall!’

January 2017

Quercus USA publishes BLOOD AND BONE (January 5).

December 2016

Quercus USA publishes the paperback of THE DARK (6 December).

November 2016

Travelling to Reykjavik for Iceland Noir (17-20 November). It will be freezing cold and absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait. I’m a big fan of cold weather countries and Iceland is beautiful and unearthly.

August 2016

Quercus publishes the paperback of BLOOD AND BONE (August 25). Look out for giveaways and competitions!

July 2016

Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival (21-24 July).

Off to ThrillerFest in New York (7-9 July). I’ll be on a panel talking about research on Saturday 9 and I’ll try not to be too nerdy when I meet my heroes Walter Mosley and Lawrence Block.

Droemer Knaur publishes 13 TAGE in paperback – the German version of THE GIFT OF DARKNESS (July 1).

June 2016

Albin Michel publishes the paperback of 13 JOURS – the French version of THE GIFT OF DARKESS (June 1)

March 2016

Madison 4 is delivered and celebrated with a trip to Seattle.

December 2015

Quercus USA publishes THE DARK.

September 2015

Quercus Books publishes the hardback of ‘BLOOD AND BONE’ (Madison 3).

August 2015

Quercus Books publishes the paperback of ‘THE DARK’ (Madison 2).

July 2015

Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate (16-19 July).

June 2015

Off to the Madrid Book Fair (5-6 June) for the first time for the publication of the Spanish version of ‘THE DARK’ …’EN LO PROFUNDO DEL BOSQUE’ by Ediciones Pamies. Very much looking forward to meeting Spanish readers.

May 2015

Back to Bristol for the wonderful CrimeFest (14-17 May) and on a panel talking about women as police officers on Saturday 16.

November 2014

Quercus USA publishes THE GIFT OF DARKNESS. I can’t wait to see it in a Seattle bookshop.

September 2014

What a month…on September 4 the Italian version of THE DARK (PRIMA DELLA FINE), Alice Madison Book 2, is published by Editrice Nord. And in the U.K. on September 25 the paperback of THE GIFT OF DARKNESS and the hardback of THE DARK are published by Quercus Books. I sense there will be a certain amount of jollity on those days.

August 2014

I’m working on Book 3 and the cool, rainy London weather is a perfect fit for my Seattle tale. So far writing each book has been a curiously different experience – each with its own set of problems and rewards…maybe I should write a blog post about that.

June 2014

I am absolutely thrilled that Quercus Books has commissioned Book 3 and 4 of the Alice Madison series for the UK and also for Quercus USA and North America. I couldn’t be happier that Alice has found a home at Quercus and I’m so excited to keep working with the wonderful team there

May 2014

Oh my! I’m going to my very first festival and it’s the gorgeous CrimeFest in Bristol (14-17 May) http://www.crimefest.com/. I’m on the Fresh Blood panel hosted by Jake Kerridge. Keeping fingers crossed that nerves will allow me to remember my name and the title of my book – anything more is a bonus.