The story behind the story of The Gift Of Darkness

The Gift Of Darkness is my first novel; it’s a tale of murder, obsession, friendship and revenge.    It is unusual to remember exactly when and where you were when you had a specific idea because our mind is constantly churning out all sorts of considerations from the very important to the utterly useless.  And yet that evening when I first thought about The Gift Of Darkness I was far […]

The Story Behind The Story – Blood And Bone

BLOOD AND BONE is the third book in the Alice Madison series and one thing I knew for sure when I started writing it was that this was going to be a serial killer story – and then I proceeded to change the rules of the game, because that’s when the fun begins. The Madison series in set in Seattle, a city in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, and the main […]

What do I want from a villain?

As I write this post I’m working on the fourth book of the Alice Madison series and when the issue of a subject for this piece came up I had little doubt that I wanted to talk about villains. Why? Because, more than in any other genre, villains define the crime fiction novel and it is by what villains do that the other characters come alive. Where would Clarice be […]